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Our Approach

We believe in treating our clients fairly and with respect.  We will always give you an honest evaluation of what you have, and make a fair and competitive strong offer.

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Our Story

Each of us at Hoosier Coin and Currency fascination with coins started at a young age. Regardless of who in our life introduced us to collecting coins, the fact is that passion never went away.  So as most who collect things, they end up trading. As our collections grew and we upgraded we naturally started selling off some of our coins.  That then turned into us buying and selling coins out of our homes.  Well we ended up out growing our space in our homes, and it was time to open up a retail store front. That brings us to today!  Welcome to Hoosier Coin and Currency.

Meet Hoosier Coin Shop's Staff

Our Dedicated Staff is here to assist you.

JT Miner Indiana's Coin and apprasial expert

JT (Tommy) Miner


Jt’s fascination with coins started when he found a Canadian Coin in his  parents coin dish. Ever since that moment he dug through rolls of coins looking for old coins and anything out of the ordinary. His interest in all things antique first started when a family member took him to an antique store.  Interested in things of yesteryear and their true value he started collecting. He started then buying and selling coins out of his home, as he outgrew his home he found a career at Hoosier Coin Shop.

Michael Nickolich Hoosier Coin Shop Founder and Executor Coin Buyer

Michael Nickolich

My passion for coins started in my early childhood years.  I must attribute my fondness of coins to my Grandfather whom was an avid collector coins. I deeply miss the days that grandpaw and I spent going through rolls of coins and saving anything pre 1964, and looking for oddities.