Help I Need An Appraisal of My Coin Collection

If you need a formal appraisal of your coin, currency, or bullion collection Hoosier Coin Shop can help. It does not matter if it is for estate, personal, insurance, or inventory purposes. We will be glad to assist you.


Easy 3 Steps

Step # 1

Gather your collection together and Make an appointment with us.

By making an appointment, we can ensure we are giving you and your collection dedicated time to look over your coins, currency, and bullion.


Step # 2

Be sure to bring your collection to your appointment.


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Step # 3 

At Your appointment with us, we will.

1. Inventory your collection

2. Price it accordingly for your records. 

We are willing to purchase your coins at the price we appraise them. 

3. Give a printout of your collection inventory and its current appraisal value.

Our Appraisals Are Billed At A Flat Hourly Rate and not an unknown percentage rate of the value of your collection.

We do charge a flat hourly rate for appraisal only.

Our Store and Office is located at

192 N Avon Ave

Avon, Indiana 46123

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