Does Hoosier Coin Shop buy more than just coins?

Yes we do! We also have an interest in clocks, watches,  antiques, political items, tokens, medals, badges, and other items we find interesting.

Does Hoosier Coin Shop Buy Coins?

Of Course!

How does selling my collection to Hoosier Coin Shop work?

We encourage making an appointment.  It is easy to sell your collection to us, we will evaluate your collection and price each item and we will make you a strong offer for your collection.

Should I try to clean or polish coins before I bring them in to sell to Hoosier Coin Shop

NO you should never clean a coin. Improperly cleaning or polishing a coin will drastically reduce its value.  All methods of polishing a coin involves an abrasive that puts fine scratch marks on a coin and takes a layer of detail off of a coin. Doing so greatly hurts the value of your coin/s. We DO NOT ADVISE ANYONE TO EVER CLEAN A COIN.

Can Hoosier Coin Shop appraise my coin collection?

Yes we can. There is an hourly fee for us to do so. However if you choose to sell your complete collection to us we will wave our hourly fee.

Can Hoosier Coin Shop send my coin off to be graded?

Yes, we regularly send off coins to NGC, PCGS and other coin grading services. For a small fee we would gladly send your coins off to be graded in our next batch we send off.

Does Hoosier Coin Shop Buy Gold?

Absolutely, we are very strong gold and silver buyers.

After we verify its authenticy we will make you an offer based off of current market prices.

Does Hoosier Coin Shop Buy Silver

Absolutely we do! We base our silver prices off of content of the silver, weight, and current market pricing.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

Well that depends on a few factors, We strongly advise making an appointment so one of our expert apprasiers and coin buyers can dedicate their complete attention to you and your coins. The amount of time it takes to give you an estimate depends on the size of your collection. It could be just 1 mintue to mulitple hours.

Does Hoosier Coin Shop take Walk Ins?

Yes we do.  We are open through out the work week 10 – 5 unless it is a holiday, or we have closed for a Coin Show.

Can Hoosier Coin Shop make a house call?

Yes we can arrange that for you. No coin buyers carry cash for off site purchases apprasials and purchases. 

Does Hoosier Coin Shop Accept Credit or Debit Cards?

Yes, we do. However we do not accept credit card for Gold or Silver Bullion sales, or discounted items. 

Does Hoosier Coin Shop Accept BitCoin or Crypto Currencys

No we do not currently accept bit coin or any crypto currencys for payment or trade.