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We were looking at a coin late after hours and realized we had something special on our hands.  We wanted a second opinion so we sent this gorgeous Shield Nickel to NGC.  Turns out we were right and had discovered a new variety; 1868/1868 Reverse of 1868 (many of these coins bear the reverse die of the previous year).

Between Howard Spindel and David W. Lange they were able to confirm it was previously unknown. Spindel assigned our coin as S2-3012, with NGC classifying cataloging it as VP-026; We labeled it as Awesome!

1868 Sheild Nickel Hoosier Coin and Currency Indiana's Premier coin shop
1868 New Variety Shield Nickle
Revsers of s2-3012

If you would like to see this nickel in person just stop by our shop in Avon! We would love to show it to you!

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